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Préjean Audit & Conseil

Specialized in due diligence and business valuation, PAC was founded in 2005 in order to adress the needs of decision-makers confronted to situations (repurchase, merger, restructuring) where resorting to independent experts is vital.

Since its creation, PAC has accompanied more than 100 business sucessions especially in the real estate industry.

PAC is a light structure, which lean on a chartered accountant team or independent consultants, given the importance of the tasks entrusted to it, where each one has an operational expertise and a sectional specialisiation.
Our reasoning depends on a pragmatic approach of financial matters. A single interlocutor, specialized in your field, answers to your questions, whether accounting, financial, or related to valuations. This methodology is made possible thanks to the existing diversity of profiles and competencies within our network.

In any case, PAC falls within the context of complete independence towards enterprises and their auditors. This principle always leads our actions and decisions so that our suggestions are justified by facts, defended with intellectual honesty, and evaluating the risks realistically.

Our know-how depends on a continuous update of our knowledge. We do not take an already solved problem for granted.

Our light structure allows us to answer to you within a very short period of time if your issue needs so. We adapt our response to the urgency of your request.

A tailored service.
A permanent disponibility.
A reasonable cost.