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Our team


Pierre Préjean

Pierre Préjean: Founding Partner Pierre Préjean has started his career at Salustro Reydel before joining Ernst & Young, where he has directed several business transfers and acquistions operations for investment funds.

Holder of a master’s degree in Management at Dauphine, Pierre Préjean is a chartered accountant and an auditor.

He is an elected member of the National Association of Chartered Accountants since 2009, where he has been in charge of the Committe Firms Valuation until 2013. He is nowadays President of the Committe Firms Financing and Development.



Anne Macabiès

Anne Macabies: Mission Director Anne Macabies has started her career at Salustro Reydel before joining the CANAL+ group, where she has exercised many functions within the Finance Department. She also was the Chief Financial Officer of several SME and an international law firm.

Holder of a French and German Business degree, she is today in charge of the auditorship area at PAC.