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Your need

Valuate your company.

What PAC offers

Behave in a complete objectivity, given the context (transfer, succession, FSI, opening of the capital…) and the size of the entity (listed company, SME, very small enterprise…), in order to determine the “real value” of your enterprise in accordance with a quality and confidential independent approach.

PAC’s asset

Pierre Préjean took part in multiple enterprise valuations.
He was elected President of the Committe Firms Valuation at the National Association of Chartered Accountants from 2009 to 2013.

Examples of recent assignements

  • Valuation of a familial medium-sized enterprise within the context of an inheritance (TO = 40 M€).
  • Valuation of about thirty real estate companies held by a large bank group within the context of a transfer.
  • Solvency analysis of potential tenants within the context of leases signature for property assets.
  • Valuation of holding companies within the context of the transfer of minority shares.
  • Valuation of a national distributor’s business capitals, who is under judicial review for a judicial officer in charge of evaluating rescuers’ offers.

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