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Your need

Undertake a restructuring of your group.
Find a contributions or merger auditor.

What PAC offers

We make our experience and competencies available to shareholders, to board members, and branch heads in order to contribute, in total independence, to the preperation, the reliability, and the finalization of financial operations.

PAC’s asset

Pierre Préjean is regularly named by the Commercial Courts or by shareholders unanimous decision to testify to the fairness of a merger, or to estimate the value of a contribution or a particular benefit

Example of recent assignements :

  • Advice on mergers and reversed mergers projected within the framework of restructuring an international transportation group and valuating companies to determine parities.
  • Review of real estate operations from a large national group for an investment funds and for supporting the decision-making process.
  • Contribution auditorship assignements (100 M€) within a listed real estate group.
  • Support for deconsolidation of an international service company.

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